Server and Network Infrastructure

The CloudLinux environment, used for our shared web hosting, is optimized to guarantee good performance, high reliability and increased security.


CloudLinux OS

The CloudLinux operating system is a commercial Linux distribution intended for the shared web hosting sector, and is based on CentOS. The CentOS operating system is specially designed to meet the growing needs of a site. Thanks to its ability to isolate and control resource peaks, CloudLinux offers superior site availability.


Complete SSD Solution

The operating system (OS), your files and your databases are stored on solid state drives (SSD), which guarantees maximum read and write performance throughout your accommodation. Up to 10X more performance with SSD, compared to standard drives. Up to 3X faster NVMe SSD drives with our TURBO servers.


RAID 10 : Efficient and Reassuring

RAID 10 is a combination of RAID 1 and RAID 0, also known as RAID 1+0.

RAID 1 is a set of 2 hard drives, one of which is used as a mirror to secure the stored data. This data redundancy system has a high fault tolerance and is therefore suitable for storing sensitive data.

RAID 0 is a system that distributes the information stored on several hard disks (logical units), the read and write time is then accelerated.


Balanced Number of Accounts on Each Server

We want you to get the best performance! Please be assured that we are not overloading our servers. Your account will be hosted on a server with many resources ensuring optimal page loading speeds!


Anycast DNS

DNS records are duplicated on the A2 Hosting global network, bringing them closer to your visitors. Anycast DNS increases performance when your site is visited by providing faster response times, reducing latency and increasing redundancy.


Reinforced DDoS Protection

The enhanced DDoS protection solution offers large-scale capacity, instant attack detection and rapid mitigation. While DDoS attacks can be complicated and difficult to mitigate, the solution improves the likelihood that your site will stay online even during the most sophisticated DDoS attacks.


24/7 Network Monitoring


Quadruple Redundant Network at 10 GB/s

Even if one, two or even three links from our data centers should break down, you would stay connected! Here are the global transit carriers used:

  • 10G niveau 3
  • 10G CenturyLink / Saavis
  • 10G Cogent
  • 2.5G Comcast


UPS / Diesel Generator


Performance of our servers

  • PRO Performance
    • 1 GB Physical Memory per cPanel Account
    • 50 Processes
    • 35 Entry Processes
    • 4096 IOPS
    • 6 Mo/s IO Usage
    • 2 Cores per cPanel Account
    • 600000 Inodes
    • 256 GB RAM Server Minimum
    • 32 Cores Server Minimum
  • TURBO Performance
    • Up To 20X Faster Page Loads!
    • Up To 40% Faster AMD EPYC Server
    • Up To 2X Faster First Bytes
    • NVMe SSD Drives Up To 3X Faster Speed
    • LiteSpeed Speed Enhanced Web Server
    • Turbo Cache & APC/opcache
    • 2 GB Physical Memory per cPanel Account
    • 75 Processes
    • 50 Entry Processes
    • 5120 IOPS
    • 8 Mo/s IO Usage
    • 2 Cores per cPanel Account
    • 600000 Inodes
    • 256 GB RAM Server Minimum
    • 32 Cores Server Minimum


Servers Locations

  • Michigan (Canada/U.S.)

Coming Soon Locations

  • Arizona (Canada/U.S.)
  • Amsterdam (Europe)
  • Singapore (Australia/India)



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